Scratch/Snap! To Unity (C#)

Go to the project Welcome to th "comment section"! Please comment something good :). Good comments are the most efficient riendly comments give me motivation to update. Please tell me if you have any suggestion or there's any bug in the project.
V1:project released(9/13/2020)
V2:Rotate Block(9/14/2020)
V3. "For Loop" Block with example in the block menu (9/15/2020)
V4. Set Var Block(9/16/2020)
V5 List Block(9/16-9/17/2020)
V6: delete object block(9/23/2020)

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Do you know about Codification in Snap!? If not, go to the File>Open dialog, click the big "Examples" button on the left, and choose Codification. Then read the comments.

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Are you chinese?

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I know codification, but I’m not familiar with it and I don’t want to use it (Idk why)


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You should like something meanful

but not


The system sprite will not effect you tho, at least all blocks in “Scratch to Unity” sprite aren’t Chinese

im chinese too so i can read your project :smiley:

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Wow , 我第一次在snap上遇到中国人

@programmer_user 他也是中国的。
hes chinese too.dont forget that there are 1.4 billion chinese people


Please post in english so everyone can read our post

Then why were you also posting in Chinese?

sorry about that, we don't mean to be rude.

Woah, nice project.

Then why are you also posting Chinese???

now i translated it


thanks :blush: