Scratch embedded codes don't work with snap (or any embedded code)

here's the project on scratch

this down't show up? Here' part 1 of how to make a cloud multiplayer game on scratch griffpatch tutorial on youtube Did that show up?

Where is that project?

I've also tried to put embedded codes in snap forums, but only snap projects show up on the forum.

I don't think it'd be desirable to allow arbitrary embedded frames. That would be an invitation to spammers and pornographers. But we could consider special-casing Scratch projects.

I was testing it out, but I was going to put a bigger project.

how about this project

here's the link

I didn't mean special-casing individual projects! I meant we could recognize and accept embeds from Scratch in general. But, it's not gonna happen any time soon.

Scratch project from URL
is send with header
so embedding is blocked by CORS and owner.

thanks for telling me

Does this work?