Scrape devlog

im making scrape, which is a snap modification in snap

its basically a fanmade snap extension that basically has everything snap has, but slightly modified

scrape has been released, v1
scrape v1

Well … it’s a start! We're looking forward to the modifications :wink:

scrape v2

new blocks
extensions are finally here

if you have any idea for scrape, reply to me like this 'idea: put something here'

This is not really a mod, because it's just a snap project, on the official snap website. A mod is taking the source code, and modifying it. This project is instead a library of blocks.

i dont even know javascript

I'm just saying, this is a library, not a mod.


added: text based programming

todo for v4:
make TBP compatible with extensions and predicts
make more extensions
add more blocks

Could you at least document this text-based programming? Some people (not me) aren't able to make an evaluated guess of what the syntax of this text-based programming block is by looking inside.


i = input

move i
it moves the sprite, change the i to a number

point i degrees
points in a direction, replace the i with a number i cant believe i have to say this a couple times

say i
says something like the say block, replace the i with a string

stop talking
hides the speech bubble

i + i
its that easy, its the plus block, replace the 2 is with different numbers

i - i
still easy to understand, its the minus block, replace the 2 is with different numbers

i * i
its the multiply block, replace the 2 is with different numbers

i / i
its the divide block, replace the 2 is with different numbers

I see. I'd love to see how you handle reporters in reporters and ring blocks.

scrape's mascot is here!


they're named sadrzadeh

i used the gobo sprite for this, as a reference to alonzo, i gave them a inverted S haircut, which stands for scrape

This actually reminds me of an old project I made. It is a text-based programming language similar to assembly since I didn't know any other way to handle nested reporters and ring blocks than using a stack. The reason why I stopped working on it is because it was tedious to add new blocks. If I were to recreate it I would definetly make it more easier to understand and use, and I'd need to think about a practical way to add new blocks. It would be like those scrapify and scrapify reporter blocks I made.

How do you pronounce that?


I see.

fun fact: theyre named after mehrnoosh sadrzadeh, a iranian computer scientist


the first scrape collection has been released

rules for curators

1: make sure all projects are made from scrape
2: add projects that use bbq-binary extension
3: follow snap tos and guildlines