Scrape collaboration: finishing V4

hello snappers, we need you

we want you to finish scrape V4, because well, its been hard for me to finish it

i dont even know how to make text based programming (TBP) compatible with predicts nor extensions

these are the tasks:
making new extensions
adding new blocks
making TBP compatible with predicts and extensions

if a task is finished, the demo of the task will be relased

good luck


use this as reference Snap! Build Your Own Blocks, also this isnt a advertisement

You can type [ ] to make checkboxes, so it would be clickable.

For example:
Making new extensions
Adding new blocks
Making TTBP compatible with predicts and extensions.


but would you mind helping?

Sure, I'll add a category. I believe with meta programming you can make new scrape blocks from code meaning you cam make extensions easy, but I didn't test that.

I think you deleted one of your blocks that were used in a script. It shouldn't be hard to add back but can you check for that next time?

thats a bug

i accidently deleted the move block when i was removing a snap library

I see. I'll add the looks category and the move block back for you.

no need to add the move block back, lemme do it myself

edit: i added it back

So there were these blocks at the bottom of control that allow you to make your own custom blocks through scripts. This will be easier than I thought!

are u finished?

It's been 15 minutes, just be patient. I'm almost done.

The scrapify blocks! Just drag them into your project. They will make developing scrape very easy!
scrape script pic
scrape script pic (1)

Now I'll actually work on the looks category.

edit: read-only slots are so annoying to work with bro. instead of adding the looks category ill have to spend extra time getting read-only inputs to work but for now im talking a break

ill make the looks category instead


And you can type [x] to check of an item.

Item 1
item 2
item 3

My plan for getting this to work is by instead of making the definition of the block just the block and "report" the definition of the generated block will be the block inside "run" which is able to put stuff in read only inputs, and then a report. You probably didn't understand that so here's an example:

Instead of
untitled script pic
You say
untitled script pic