SciWM Preview Build

Alright, here you go, Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Press flag 2 times to start Sci!Snap because this project heavily relies on ImagePad.
This is only a preview build, there's a about application and a example template application that you can clone and build off of.
This is still a work in progress.

Move windows by hovering over it and pressing C+Space
You can minimize and close windows with the buttons at the top of a window.
The dock is on the bottom left, click a program to start it. (Note: you may accidently close or minimize the app when you click it at the top of the icon)

Please leave any feedback, and also remember, this is proof of concept.
I don't know why people making window managers or a "OS" aren't using ImagePad, this is pretty good and simple to configure.

(edit: just found a bug when you start with the flag, one of the programs are missing and you have to click again for it to appear.)


thank you!
by the way, is it laggy for you?
its not that well optimized because it has to redraw the imagepad pad every time so anything thats drawn isnt overlapped.
there could be a better way to this but i dont know.
also it when it redraws it goes to the center so i had to do a bit of tinkering to get over it.
and by the way, you have to use your keys to move it because other wise you would move it everytime you have your mouse down on the window, and because there are ui elements in this system, that just cant happen.
if anyone can let me know other way i would be glad to take your suggestion.

planning on adding ui elements to the example window for next preview, probably in a day or 2
got some ideas for anything else i should add?

i don't see why they're necessary. you can draw onto any rectangle costume, and i'd guess imagepads are slower, but i should probably just benchmark that.

project is cool but at this point i think over 5 people have made windows by now and it doesn't really interest me anymore. i just want to see more features related to loading and saving stuff, and maybe something that could be useful for making projects like tools that autogenerate common code

very nice!

imagepads have more features built in which makes this easier
like text or image pasting or shapes and such

im probably gonna rewrite this for the 4th time