SCISNAP GAMES EVENT! hosted by u39902fh

by the time you've read my text, quickly build a game where the blocks you used to build this game are mostly from scisnap. and as of 18/12/23, you've got 1 week, 5 days to complete your own game and MAKE SNAP! GREAT AGAIN. you better not waste any time!

Are you implying Snap! wasn't great before?

I think they(?) are trying to parody That one American President who is named for a duck and a brass instrument.

I've looked at the SciSnap blocks, I just have one question. How do they make the input go under and not to the right of the last input like in the Summation block?

SciSnap! is for representing data from science experiments, not for making games.

I see, but you still did not answer my question. Also, the "SciSnap! globals" category is very cool. Maybe I'll use those?

Oh! Just make a label labeled $nl

What do you mean by label?

Click the + on the top of the block while editing it, click 'label fragment'

Oh, I see. That's very cool! Also I know this isn't related but how do you reverse a summation? Bing AI couldn't figure it out, I've been really curious.

i'm starting after school (in abt 3 hrs)

Could you give an example of a “summation” you’d like to “reverse”? (and what do you consider reversal?)

I'm talking about that thingy with the greek letter sigma in the middle.

I do:
Σ i

where x equals 10 and then I get 55.

And I want to get a summation that gives 10 if x=55.

Oh! you mean the inverse!

So that's what it was called? Good to know.

You're welcome.

(Inversing is where you flip the X and Y component. (ie log(x) v. 10^x, sqrt(x) v. x^2, etc.))

So how do you do it?

(My School blocks Stack Overflow, so I don't know what it says.)

I didn't understand it. Can you write an example using the summation I gave you?

I'm just in precalc. I haven't learned it yet.