SciSnap! 2.0 Suggestions

Currently, the pi block in SciSnap! uses the standard pi symbol (π) and looks like this:
untitled script pic
This means that it looks more like the letter n than pi, but if you use this version of the pi symbol: 𝝅 (U+1D745), it looks like this:
untitled script pic (1)
This is clearly more understandable, and I would recommend changing the SciSnap! library to use this version of the pi symbol.

EDIT: If you add the $ symbol before it to make it not bolded, it looks even better:
untitled script pic (2)

Secondly, the
script pic
block is already covered by the and block in the normal editor. The same applies for the "any of" block (covered by or).

For suggestions like this, providing the Unicode value of the character you want would help. Also, in your pictures the one you prefer is smaller than the current one, so I think if Eckart takes your suggestion he should make it bigger.

Then again, they used scratchblocks, which uses a different font.


I updated the original post to use script pic (instead of Scratchblocks) and include the Unicode value of the character 𝝅.


Pi block looks fine on my system (Vivaldi browser/Linux Mint)

And the SciSnap all of/any of were made before the equivalent collapsed and/or blocks were introduced into standard Snap!

I am using Windows 11 and Chrome, so... maybe Vivladi/Linux doesn't have the default font...?

I know, but I didn't want to make my original post cluttered with the history of it. What is important is that they are now obsolete. (Thanks anyway)

Thanks! I'm working on SciSnap!3 and will change this. :wink:

i'm so confused.

@emodrow is the developer of SciSnap. When version 3 is published, this change will be made.


oh ok.