Scenes in Snap! 7.0: How can I concretely send a value between scenes

Fantastic version 7.0 !!!
Thank you so much for this 7.0 version and its ability to play with Scenes !

How can I concretely send a value between scenes (for instance a wait time secondes: I want to be able to change the value of the variable times from the first scene, and this value would be the same in the other scenes) ?

You could do something similar to
untitled script pic (12)
in one scene, replacing "next" with whatever scene you're sending the value to, "var" with whatever variable you want to set, and "meow" with whatever you want the variable to be updated to. Then place
untitled script pic (11)
in the scene you are sending the value to.

Works for me in testing. Is this a solution to your problem?

EDIT: This uses the create variables library/primitive to work. Just so you know.
EDIT 2: See @cymplecy's awesome solution to replace the create-variable library in the post below or in this spoiler thing if they delete their post.

EeEeE SpOiLeR tHiNg

Just to add that to avoid using the create variable library (which is under threat of being removed)

just use this type of construct

Huh. I didn't know that. Great solution!

Yes, thank you for this solution. It works for me. But it is still difficult for me (for now) to manage the messages between different scenes...

I think that several ideas and solutions will be made over the next few weeks to help do this

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