Scary Blockz

Scary Blockz by earthrulerr - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (

You must be in editor for project to work and must enable JavaScript functions!

Scary Blockz does not take your password or email or anything but it does take your username, if your on a mobile device, etc. If you do not feel ok about that please do not click the link. Enjoy!

Scary Blockz does not take any information (Password, Email, Age, etc) and is not intended to be a security threat. Scary Blockz is just for a scare but does use your username and detects if your on a Touchscreen device. If you do not like this please do not click the link.

Scary Blockz must be run in editor due to JS being only activate-able currently in Editor by clicking the gear button then enabling JS.

Scary Blockz is not intended for people who get scared really (easily) scared. Why? Well it’s a surprise at the end so please do not run the project if you get scared easily.

:warning: JS must be enabled to run project and must be in Editor :warning:

Inspiration for Scary Blockz was the current Security situation and my Custom Blocks project.

bug: i am on a touchscreen laptop (computer) but it says im on mobile

Yes because it counts Touchscreen first.

Edit: I changed it to Touchscreen instead of Mobile.

Thanks also thank you for putting it in details.