Saving costume as vector

Is there a switch somewhere that will allow me to save vector costumes as vector, so that they can be modified after saving them by dragging their vector shapes?

I think the idea is that if you create a vector costume using our vector editor you'll be able to always edit it again. This seems to work for the simple costumes I make.

Thanks Jens. You are (of course) right. I had made an attempt creating a vector costume but, after closing the editor, when I entered it again I had found (at least this is what I had seen...) that the button at the top right was "Vector" instead of "Bitmap". So I had supposed that the drawing had been saved as bitmap. But I tried it again and now the top right is "Bitmap". So I must have done some weird actions instead of clicking "Ok".

Sorry for asking this question. You can remove it if it is possible :slightly_smiling_face: