Save States

Easily save and load the position, size, direction, etc.

24 properties: good job!
and with an Upvar: good idea

Very nice. You know you don't have to say Save States script pic any more, because we now have a Save States script pic (1) primitive that does that!

What's with the Save States script pic (2)? Why not just Save States script pic (3) as you have just underneath it? (Note that the LOAD STATE block treats "memory" and "list" identically.)

LOAD STATE should do a PEN UP before anything else, to avoid drawing an undesired line.

You know costumes are first class, right? If you stored the actual costume in the state you could deal with drawn or stretched costumes that aren't in the wardrobe. (A nice little example of why first classness matters!)

To check if the costume is a turtle

last time I used that block it didn't work with the GO TO block.

EDIT: its fixed

That's clever, but the code isn't very self-documenting. (What does Unicode have to do with it? (Rhetorical question.)) Let me suggest
untitled script pic
which will be True for anything but turtles. Then you need only two cases (turtle and list, in your program's terminology) instead of three.

ill fix it when i have time.