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I am developing a game for a research study. I need to have access, to store certain data of each player to be able to work with that data. Like when you make a form but in this case I want to store in addition to data such as user, age, ... the score achieved, etc. I'm not sure how to implement this in SNAP! Can you help me?

Estoy desarrollando un juego para un estudio de investigación. Necesito tener acceso, almacenar ciertos datos de cada jugador para poder trabajar con esos datos. Como cuando haces un formulario pero en este caso quiero almacenar además de datos tales como usuario,edad, puntuación alcanzada,etc. No se bien como implementar esto en SNAP! ¿Pueden ayudarme?

Download the Databases extension in libraries and enable JavaScript in your editor.

No such animal.


afaik we don't have a cloud vars library. We have a browser vars library; is that what you meant?

I meant the ‘Databases’


The databases library only saves data to a browser with the local storage API. It does not store data in a cloud.

Yes now I am confused but they said age…. Sus.

The OP is (or at least purports to be) a researcher who needs to collect information about the users of their project to aid in their research.

This is the first time someone we don't know personally has wanted to collect such information. (There have only been one or two cases in which we did know the people, and they used their own modified version of Snap!, so we didn't have to allow or disallow their data collection.)

After some horrendously unethical research projects (nothing to do with computers; look up "Tuskeegee experiment" if you want to know the history) a long time ago, universities and funding agencies set up a standard mechanism to approve research on human subjects. The rules include a requirement for anonymization of data on individuals.

If this person wanted us to cooperate in providing information about users, we'd start by asking to see their IRB (Institutional Review Board) authorization. We might then, for example, allow collection of age information (with the understanding that it would be self-reported; we don't have any official information about your age) along with a unique ID that isn't your username.

But none of that has actually happened so far.

The username is going to be fictitious because it is more to be able to know and be able to measure the skills at a certain age

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