Save Code is broken

I was testing the savecode (Im a Scratcher not a Snapper) and it didn't work, 200 clicks and 24 or 28 autoclickers went down to like 3.467468947697
Press S to save, L to load.
My save code to test:

I heard there are databases- but guess what, I'm too lazy to bother with them.

edit: Where is my _ in my username?

.... "Your replying too quickly..." "You can't reply for another 6 hours"

I just said I'm too lazy to bother with databases.

click on file (image ) then click libraries. Click on Database, then click on import.

It literally allows you to store data in the browser, so that when you leave the project and come back, the save data will still be there. It won't have the limitations of list previews either, because the value parameter has no character limit (afaik) and the user also doesn't have to do anything to access it.

Have you heard the story 'Green Eggs and Ham'?

What is that?

It's a kids' story written by Dr. Seuss that has the main idea of "you can't know you like/dislike something until you try it".

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