this is something i made for fun

for now, it can only show 2 satellites (hubble and iss)

psss!, if you wanna add more satellites, remix it

Got his when I ran it

you need a cors unblocker

What's that?

Just put in front. (if that doesn't work, drag the block below into the Snap! window.)

CORS is a way to bypass blocked websites

most websites block it, having a chrome extension that unblocks cors fixes the problem

ill make the satellimap use cors

Well, I tried, but I kept getting JSON errors. Perhaps it's @bluebaritone21's block, cause that's what I'm using.

i tried dragging the url block below the snap window, it didnt do anything

Man. I'll see what I can do to fix it.

uhh, what


it was a typo, its now fixed

No, I was replying to @bluebaritone21.



Quite literally not. CORS (Cross Origin Request System) is what stops external websites from making HTTP requests to a website unless specified not

sorry, i tried explaining it from my memory