Sandwich Stacker

(Most relevant commentary is in the project notes. I just wanted to make this thread since there's no comments section on Snap)

Nice game, the art is nice and I like how the camera moves.

I think the table disappearing has something to do with how high you got the last game.

Ah, it might have something to do with the fact when you play the game and the game before you had a high score, the camera's position is where it was last time -- high up. Then it smoothly moves back to the origin. This is a problem since the clones delete themselves when off screen, and the camera is initially positioned so the ground is off-screen, so the ground deletes itself when it is created.

You should reset the camera's target position and the camera's actual position first, then run the code that makes the camera smoothly move afterwards.

I think @pumpkinhead explained the reason for the disappearance of the table.

I was aware that was why the clones were disappearing, but your message encouraged me to take a second look. Turns out it was a single block of leftover code making the entire thing glitch out. The game should run bug-free now!

This game is awesome! Really good job!

I do not know why my post was flagged, I said the game is great! There is one thing you should fix/add I do not know if this is part of the game but if one of the pieces hit near the edge of a piece it says game over. I thought it is only when you miss or when your avg. goes low.

Also this should be a reply to the creators message but I accidentally made it pumpkins.

That's called "ghost-posting," which means replying to a thread long after it has "died" just to say something like "+1", "cool project", etc.

The pieces have a set hitbox, and that hitbox is a little smaller than some of the costumes.

Ok thanks!