Sample Rate for Recording

The default sample rate on my computer appears to be 48000 Hz. Is it possible to adjust the sample rate for new recordings in Snap!

In other words, for an application that did not require great fidelity, would it be possible to change the sample rate for a new recording to 24000 Hz (for example)?

Not that I know of.

P.S. Do you know about the sampling theorem? If you set the sample rate to 24kHz, that doesn't mean you can sample sounds of up to 24kHz, but only up to 12kHz (half the sampling rate), and in practice less than that because you have to filter the audio input so that it's down to zero by 12kHz, and filters aren't just vertical cliffs, so in practice you'd be limited to sounds up to 10kHz or 9kHz. That's more than enough for intelligible speech; traditional telephone circuits cut off at 3kHz. But for music, you're talking old-time AM radio fidelity.

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