S.R Snap ratings

I've seen some many cool games on snap lately, and wanted to see who had the best ones. I saw @sladescar having some cool ones. Please give me some projects that you think are cool and I will review them. Thank you - shadowmeowmeow32.

Also @sladescar I really like your projects if you want to collab anytime


My rocket and plane simulator?(the 2d versions)

I saw that one I really like it good work

TY im trying to finish a horro game and need some ideas let me know when your free

Do you want me to send the link to the project ive been working on i need some ideas...

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Ok thx didn't know that!


are you online?

let me know when your online so no one else can see it and get leaks

i am now.

ok here you go Snap! Build Your Own Blocks please note it is not finished