Run, Launch, And Call JavaScript Function Blocks

Project here.

Note: You need JS enabled to use them, obviously.

Useful, but I think the names should be "run JS function" etc.

How parameters can be passed? Did you try this?

Do you mean the %mult%s and %code appearing as mults and code in the Edit thing? It works, if you don't go into the Edit thing, or if you edit them to be what they are supposed to be: (and you'd have to do this every time you go into the Edit thing)
mults renamed to %mult%s, click the Multiple Inputs radio button
code renamed to %code, click the gear, then hover over Special, then click Code.

Good idea. I changed them.

Edit: I meant to reply to @bh not you. Sorry.

No :wink:
See example
JS Function Blocks script pic (2)

JS Function Blocks script pic (1)

Oh. I'll go add that.

Edit: Added.