Run Away, Scurvy! On Snap?

The hit scratch game by joecooldoo is coming to Snap! (Being developed by me!)

The beta is almost done and will be available very soon. (Maybe today IDK)

Disclaimer: (This is a REMAKE, not a PORT)

Keep on coding! -jjjis123

Wait your on the forum... ?

BTW it is easy to make a port

Actually, it was successful.

Saying "no offense" does not automatically excuse you from saying something offensive.

Well, sorry. I didn't think you were very popular on Scratch, but I wouldn't know as my mom banned me from Scratch.

I deleted it

I'm not SUPER popular, but my projects get viewed quite a bit.

Also, why did you get banned from Scratch?

My mom thinks people go off-topic and talk about things other than programming.

Could you send me the link to your project?

You just said

If you send me the project id, I can look at it on turbo warp(She didn't think to ban me from there ;D)

Latest Content?


Do you want the latest version of the series?


Note its still in BETA:


Well, they do quite often...