Rope Physics!

Rope Physics!!!!

edit: I am going to remake a scratch project on snap ! !!

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Really nice!

Great effect!

Thank you @jens and @pixelninja! :smile_cat:

Oh, that's really nice. It reminds me of that Scratch jello project, one of my favorites, for achieving a beautiful effect with hardly any mechanism.

You do understand, I hope, that it doesn't make much sense to put a REPORT inside a FOREVER? The block can only report once (per call), not repeatedly.

I have to say, as soon as I looked at the code I started trying to work out how to do it without four essentially identical sprites (numbers 2-5). They should all be clones of the first one, and the script they run should be under a WHEN I START AS A CLONE, and they should have a "for this sprite only" variable whose value is their immediate parent... That way you could have 100 of them if you wanted, with very tiny distances between them, and it'd look even more natural.

And of course the teacher in me is forcing me to point out that gravity results in constant acceleration, not constant speed.

(Irrelevant anecdote possibly of interest only to me follows, from my days as a high school teacher.)

Kid comes up to me excited to show me the program he'd just written.

Me: That's a good start! You could add this, and this, and this, ...

Kid: I could never get all that done!

Me: You're, what, a sophomore? So you have two and a half years, tons of time.

Kid glares and stomps off, but in fact it took him about two weeks. :~)

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I'll try that

Haha very ture!!

PS sorry I took a while to notice because the forums had a 502 Error (for like an hour)

No need to apologize! Even apart from the downtime (which they tell me wasn't my fault this time), you're allowed to, you know, sleep, and eat, and stuff once in a while. :~)

munch much, sleep sleep, code

Woah, it reminds me of a virtual slinky(I think that's what they are called)!
The costume that is following my mouse kinda reminds me of the snakes in the game! Pretty cool and satisfying, good job!

thanks :)

No problem :D

Help, i'm addicted to this surprisingly satisfying project. XD


I think your admins would be able to help you with this addiction! lol


:0 DON'T YOU...say that.

Snap! is the only thing I have !

Admins, if you are reading this, do not block Snap! or even any one project.
If you really are reading this, you should consider unblocking Scratch, and you really need to unblock the educational websites, like Google Classroom, Khan Academy, and even your school's own website.
Do the students use Schoology? Is that why Classroom is blocked?

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Thank you.
Schoology(I have no idea if its even blocked or not because I never use it) isn't something we use, it's google classroom.