Rocket simulator 3D!
Basically just rocket simulator but 3D.
The ground rendering is a bit unfilling(no pun intended)
I did not add a drag force this time though
The units are all in m/tick instead of m/s now.(because I found out that unit conversion is shitty when making the 2d version)A tick is a twentieth of a second(unless you have a really crappy computer)
You can harvest the custom categories.
I didn't test if you could go to orbit,but theoretically you can.
Although the code contains stuff for staging,I did not add them.(because I calculated that the DV is 120ln(1000/200)=120ln5 about 193.13m/t which is a lot more than the escape velocity 44.721 or the orbital velocity 31.623)
Some of the AP modes are a bit hard to make in 3D because I did not make a "angleToVec3D" block(yeah i could make them,but some people in KSP had succeeded going to orbit and back without CVS or CHS or Autoland,although the latter is present in some mods)

WTF it's crazy!


it runs at higher than 0 fps on my chromebook so this is pretty fast

bc i used wireframe instead of a full render

ye but usually those are pretty slow

they never are,except when you z-index and texture(and maybe raycast) 1000000000000000 surfaces

the only reason that its not 67 fps is because i limited the frame rate so i could tell you how long a "tick" is