Rocket simulator 2.0 with RSS!

Well,not quite real...atleast there is no mars or eccentricity
Also with better 5 and 9 because RSS is far less forgiving.(also i used real data but with a catch:seconds become its effectively 15~30x faster than real life!)
Also draws planet names because me not having enough sight to find the moon(or not enough pixels?)
Also uses SI prefixes and more rounding when displaying long lengths.
Also added ground friction.
Also,airbrakes that don't become airbreaks and are super effective(so you don't crash stuff on earth where gravity is high)

A/D start turning
P autopilot select
Z/X throttle
,/. time warp
5/9 quicksave
b brakes
m map

Amount of quicksaves it took to et to the moon and back:

Now added hyperwarp!Warning:Don't enable it on the ground

Now added the drawing of hyperbolas!Note:Orbit drawing is quite inaccurate

Now with reentry flames!


You haven't even provided any controls. The average user won't review your code to figure out the controls. They will instead leave with no response. I suggest putting the controls in the project notes and your original forum post.

Reminds me of Spaceflight Simulator!

True, true. All I know is that pressing . speeds up timewarp and pressing , slows it down.
Yeah that's all