Rocket Simulator 1.0

Press < and > for time warp(actually without the shift),Z and X for throttle,A and D for turning,and T for cycling SAS

I successfully got into orbit(although a really eccentric one) and aerobraked back.
The reason I got into an eccentric orbit is I initiated my gravity turn too early and got too much vertical speed(how much should I get?I should calculate it approximately using sqrt(2*30000/g) so I don't overshoot,and g is about 3*10^8/10^5^2*67≈1.8 so I should have about 180 m/s when I initiate my gravity turn,but I made a whopping 1000 m/s!I should calculate before I fly space ships :slight_smile: )

Added Autopilot so you can fly better
1->Constant speed
2->Constant Vertical Speed
3->Constant Horizontal Speed

How unreliable the internet is:

Dont attempt to suicide!!

Anyways,I'm trying to fix the landing mode of the autopilot
Anyone help?

I cannot reach a somewhat less eccentric orbit without apoapsis indicators!SOMEBODY PLS HELP!

(monitored by hand,still dont know how to caalcluate)

I made stable orbit!(the reason i was not able to make orbit before:the target speed gauges thought that the G was 3 but it was 1,so the data was skewed 1.732 times,and i actually got escape speed when i thought i got to orbital speed)

landing autopilot still doesnt work

Any advice?


made apsis indicators

@bh would this or the plane simulator go into the simulations collection pls?

Reminds me of Spaceflight Simulator. With KSP Controls.

Also Plane Simulator is buggy as hell...

its inspired by ksp loool

it isnt

it WILL say terrain terrain if you dont put landing gear on and look like as if you are going to ground

abrupptly closing flaps would cause it to drop a bit but then speed and lift will take over

also you should not pitch up 30 degrees when lifting off,you should wait it to lift off by its own lift and then pitch up a little

ps:this plane would probably not meet faa requirements,e.g it cannot recover from engine failure if you dont restart the engines before ~400m lol

I'm at this angle of attack and 1) I'm losing speed and 2) I just lost altitude.

What do you mean it's not broken? It's 100% broken! The fact that the Apoapsis, Periapsis, and other variables is still on the screen makes the game worse. 3/10.

Whoa that was at least 15 degrees pitch!No wonder you are stalling!!!
You should acclerate to 100m/s and it will lift off by its own.You should not pitch that high untill finishing takeoff(after retracting gear and flaps which you should do at 300m,and then accelerating to 200m/s)

It's a spaceplane!How are you going to orbit without these monitors?(actually its the laziness to delete them,this was just a remix of the rocket simulator)

It's good



its 2am?did u sleep