This is a link to the presentations at RobolotCon22

John Maloney presentation starts at 45mins (for those who don't know John was the lead programmer on Scratch for many years)

Jens is on at 54 mins

Brian is on at 1:05

Jadga is on at 1:22

Kathy Giori (Showing Microblocks and discussing STEM) is on at 1:35

Lots of other interesting stuff as well

At 2:24
Christiane Bauer talking about SAP supporting STEM and Snap! development
At 3:03
Enric Mor talking about Snap! and Microblocks and Citilab ED1 kit
José García & Nina Coll - STEAM and Snap!

3am CST time also.

Well, I have no idea what this is but I'm glad i stayed up!

Huh, it usually says to sign in to confirm

No I'm being forced to use a restricted school gmail

Damn, that sucks. School computer/laptop? I wish schools would just give a computer that has not been tweaked.


Yeah it is.

"Whats the difference between Scratch and Snap" I'm pretty sure I just about screamed when Jens said this

Can you tell me the time stamp on the video where that was?

Ok, I’m the morning I’m gonna listen to his whole segment! I listen to 3 minutes of it and it sounds amazing! Amazing job Jens!

Damn, I wanted to be the morning. Is the afternoon already taken?

"Inappropriate" bruh

no thats just an example video not robolotcon video