Ringified variables

weifbidjkhwgerflist script pic (1)
how do i get the value of this

What do you mean? Can you explain more about getting a value for this? But I may answer it:
untitled script pic (32)

Is this what you mean?

no. thats not working

What do you want something done? Like what?

its reporting the rigified version for some reason

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Like this you meant?
untitled script pic (34)

Do you mean by getting the name of a variable?

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no i need that value of the variable

Like this?
untitled script pic (35)

thats the name not value

Value of what? Like the contents of the variable?


If it's the contents of the variable, you only have to use call:
untitled script pic (36)

that doesnt work

I'm assuming you're creating the variable block via code, but then getting a "this variable does not exist" error when you call the block. This is because metaprogramming strips any context from the script. You can fix this by using the ([] of []) block.

that does nothing

Can you actually show us what you're doing then?

yeah i want to get a variables content when i input its name

wait nevermind yours works

If you're going to put it in a block, you may want to instead use (this [caller]) though.

That way the user can't access the variables inside the block, only variables outside the block.