Ringafy report

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i want to be able to put a number into a report and return a ringafied report block with that number in it

didn't you do what you wanted in the main post?
or you mean like this?
untitled script pic

no i nean if my input is 4 I want it to return
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which input

to my block that applies a ring around a report with my input

can you show me the project

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got it

that works. lol i would never think to use join

yeah honestly split by blocks makes sense but I find using the join block for metaprogramming is a bit strange.

lol thx

happy to help (also shouldn't this topic be solved now?)

1 last thing can you make a dropdown in a block that contains every custom block

Uh, that's not possible, but you can if you use some complicated JS, which Requires JavaScript extensions to be enabled.


These are all the custom blocks in a given project, but dropdowns do support JS, but blocks with the same label (_ of _) for example will be hard to implement.

i dont want to have to enable js

but like this is what you want:

huh. i want a custom menu that allows me to select from all the custom blocks I have in the project

you don't need to use return. Just ringify the formal parameter and return that! In order to "unwrap" it you'll need to call it. What you're looking for is called a "closure", and you can make it in Snap: