Right mouse down?

I'd like to be able to have right-clicking a feature in project things.
I'm new to Snap! but not new to Scratch, so I'm not sure if this feature exists in Snap!, but I was not able to find a right-click block.

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No, we use right-click for Snap! option menus.

oh okay thanks

I would hate to necropost, but, Snapp! is thing, it would be helpful to add support for right-clicking in fullscreen maybe, but I don't know how it would work in the editor, though...

This is complicated. I could see obscure uses, actually, maybe in a detective game (right click to examine) or in an RPG where you could use two different items.

How about a GUI setting that can be toggled between the program detects a right-click and Snap! menus? Or, both could be toggled independently with different settings?

maybe right clicking if you're just in fullscreen or on the project page, and middle clicking in the editor.

That should work.

Some of us don't have a mouse with a middle button.

Ctrl+rightclick should work for those people.

Wow that kind of solves most problems... By changing the editor UI instead of the game UI, it allows for continuity between Snap! and Snapp! applications. Thanks! Hopeful this falls on the "list".

This would be great if typical raycasters worked on snap! Then you could like, zoom in the screen use your weapon's scope (aiming down sights. it's called aiming down sights, hekkn.), or in games like Portal where both mouse buttons are used for the different portals.

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  • Have option in the settings menu to toggle between right clicking for snap menus and for the project
  • Middle click in editor; right click in fullscreen
  • You cannot do the right click in the editor

shouldn't it be possible with JavaScript?

Does somebody know, if there is a possibility to send messages via js?

probably, I don't know js so idk

I'm sure it's possible, but could you be more specific about what you want? Reimplement broadcast? Send to a specific sprite? Etc.

do untitled script pic via js

I don't know the syntax, but I am looking for something like broadcast("message");

use this.doBroadcast(message) or this.doSend(message, target).