Right click on a phone

On my phone, i can't perform a right click in the snap interface. Example: after long press on a block (for editing it or duplicate it): nothing append...

How can i perform a right click ?

edit: It doesen't work on Chrome but it work on firefox.

Well, you do hold down. But you have to be VERY still while holding.

it takes me so many tries to do it, but it is possible. Just tap and hold, and don't move your finger. I don't know if you have to let go after a while, but it might work. I know, cause I've done it, and it is annoying.

I've never managed to right-click on a block on Snap! on my phone(s) (Androids)

My experience is that this does the trick for me. Not moving the finger.

No, it doesen't work...(chrome)

Long press on my Chrome/Android works as a right click.
Android 8.1.0, phone, Chrome v95.

Edit: tested on Snap!

I have this issue only in snap! On the forum, if i "long pressed" on a word, it select this word so i display a menu to copy/paste, etc...

Android 11
Chrome 96

it is tricky (and annoying at times), but it is possible.

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