RGB Parameters

Hey Guys, i want to make a Programm with these features, can u help me?

The operation receives two RGB values ​​as parameters that are to be compared with each other. The operation returns true if the RGB values ​​can be said to be color-matched, false otherwise. The tolerance range within which RGB values ​​are considered color-matched should be specified using the tolerance parameter.


Is this for an assignment?

No, its based on Java and i want to learn something from it, to start with Java

Details such as the representation of colors in a language are going to be different for all of them, so at that level of detail you won't learn much to help with Java here.

But big ideas, such as computing tolerances, are the same in any language. If you have RGB colors, that's three numbers each to compare. What's your definition of "within tolerance"? Do you want to limit the maximum of the three differences, or the sum of the three differences?

untitled script pic (1) will compute the differences. Then either untitled script pic (2) or untitled script pic (3). Except you probably want to work with the absolute values of the differences.

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