Rewrite the forum guildlines

basically, the forum guildlines are weird, why is it in the FAQ page and its short

heres what i want:
split the guildlines to a new page

heres also my version of it

mehone's guildlines for snap

snap is a programming language inspired by scratch, we equally welcome everyone depending on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and etc

please dont harass a group or a person, call them offensive names, be racist or any bad stuff relating to harassment

sexual topics
please dont post highly inappropirate, immature or disgusting topics, including body inflation, blueberry inflation, vore, or any stuff like that

gore is the same as sexual topics but more violent and bloody, dont post highly graphic gore or actual gore

dont post topics about drugs, unless you wanna speedrun getting jailed

guns are allowed, but you can only put toy guns (like nerf guns), realistic guns arent allowed

illegal content
dont post illegal content, if youre a criminal, please get out

hacking isnt allowed obviously

We don't try to list every possible objectionable kind of project for the same reason nobody lists all the four-letter words (and one six-letter one) you're not allowed to say. Then we'd be the ones saying them. Nobody even says "don't say h---, d---, s---, ..." in lists of rules, in any context.

Anyway, different people have different limits of tolerance. An elementary school student of mine once had a Scratch project deleted because it had that Belgian little boy fountain pissing on Trump, but I thought it was hilarious. (Don't start an argument about whether I was right or not; my whole point is that different people will have different criteria. I recognize that not everyone here shares my political views, and that's fine.)

The tone that you're calling "weird" is meant to be pedagogic. When your kid is three, you say "don't touch the stove" and leave it at that, but when your kid is 12 you hope they're smart enough not to need that as a Rule, because they understand why it's a rule, and can think through the consequences of touching a hot stove. (And can be trusted to clean the surface of a cold stove.) Same thing here; we want you to be able to work out what you should and shouldn't do here without an adult telling you.

(I don't mean to take this to the extreme of us never telling you anything. For example, I'd expect you to be able to understand why not to put your (physical) address in a published project, but you might not have the experience to figure out for yourself why your date of birth is sensitive information.)

But I mean, do we really have to spell out what it means to play nicely? Why you shouldn't call each other names?

As for why it's in the forum's FAQ, it's because that's what the Discourse people recommend. That page came early, before we had a FAQ Category in the forum itself.

man, what kind of political ideology are you :skull: (i still hate trump, because im iranian)

also make sure that this doesnt turn into another political topic

Yeah, you can't ask me about my politics and in the same message turn around and say not to talk about politics. :~) The point of my story is that the project was a creative expression of the kid's political views, and I thought it was funny. That's all.