Reverse () map on a scale of () to ()

I’ve needed this block for a long wile
untitled script pic 52

It’s gone though many many definition rewrites, the first has like 20 but I got it down to 4!

This block basically lets you convert a number to it’s opposite point on a line
So if you want to make a number that’s a slider but you want lower on the slider to be higher on a value, that’s what this block is for
This is useful for a ton of things! What I’m currently trying to make is a version that automatically converts it based on a list input

Reverse map list is done!
untitled script pic 53

Although it doesn’t do that much

The more useful version is
untitled script pic 56

Why are you trying so hard not to use the untitled script pic (1) block?

Because then I can’t do minus 1

Not sure what you mean here. Is it one of these?

See their original post.

So I guess that's the second one.