Reverse codification project yay
Quite a ton of HOFs!
The only problem is the mapping,which needs js and is not quite unique or valid(i had to remove the %clr stuff to let people who don't know the name of the specs(including me) use this,but doing that makes some stuff not unique or valid)
I would try to listify the assoc and modify it and store it in another block

Why doesn't my assoc table generator blockify?
Nevermind,I deleted the refuseToBlockify() function and it worked :rofl:
wait no it didn't

Will fix assoc after dinner
Quite a lot of the assocs have been modified,so the mapping block can also be viewed as "How I would design snap's block specs if it wasn't for teaching kids who don't nessecarily know another text programming language"
I must modify the assocs because it would bug out(either being empty,werid,or repetitive) or be awkward as a function name rather than a block spec

This has a small bug from the inconsistensies of snap when joining on a ring(sometimes goes to ring param,sometimes go to main block i think)
The blocks would work weridly when input one block only
To prevent that,stuff the "no-op for stuffing (prevent errors)" in my wip os 2 project
or just stuff your own no-op

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It cannot process inputs that have block piles in them!
(the fix of the bug would go to my os 2 project)
now i just have to make the console of that project

also,you mustnt run multiple script variables on the same line(every script variable needs its own line)