Resolved because somebody explained it

i would want to go to snapcon but obviously its in a different continent so i cant go and i dont want to pay 25 dollars just to go online for snap.

snap is cool but i really dont want to pay money why cant they make it free just with limited features!!!!!

doesn't every convention cost money? also, maybe people will record the event, soooo

oh but online should be free because your not physically going your just watching at home

like i said, maybe people will record the event.

For example, @jens posted a video on yt that shows an interview that happened in Snapcon 2022: Snap!Con 2022: The Future of Snap! - YouTube

oh ok thanks i hope they do the same this yer

ur welcom

I think there is some confusion here. Snap! is free and always will be. As for the conference, it costs something for us to arrange video capture, for example. Nevertheless, if you read the site carefully it says how to apply for free tickets.

i think he ment to type "snapcon"