Resizing sprite costume in editor?

Quick question. Is it possible to change how big a sprite's costumes appear on the stage without needing to change the actual size of the images in some external program? If not, can you at least change the actual size (upscaling and downscaling) of the images from within the snap editor?

in bitmap mode, you can use the grow and shrink buttons, but they can make the image blurry. In vector, you can select all (ctrl + a) and use the circles to change the size of the image like any other program.

Unfortunately, neither method can be called SIZING, since there is no indication of what the new achieved size is !
There is another unfortunate byproduct of editing BMP costumes, and that is that if color change using fill etc is used, then the original size keeps growing by some pixels around the perimeter, making one end up with a successively larger costume; barely noticable but definitely detecable via "my width/height".
Best reliable method that I use at the moment is to use the "new costume width & height" option, even though that creates a new costume - but that can be eliminated if needed. Plus it maintains the specified size very nicely.

btw, you can use this code to replace a costume in the sprite, but idk how to make the name of the costume.

Size of sprite in "Looks" palette?
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I was not talking about finding out the size of a Sprite after the fact.
I am talking about determining the size WHILE EDITING it in the editor, such that the results are known ahead of time.