I know that you get this a lot but we really need. Im sorry if i come off as demanding I just feel these additions will improve peoples ability to create things to the fullest extent

  • Username block.
  • Some sort of cloud system that is tied to a project (like in snap) preventing other people from messing with your project.
  • Run projects similarly to how Turbowarp does it to improve speed.
  • Run without screen refresh (not "warp." the problem with warp is that it prioritizes that line and when you need multiple scripts running fast it really doesnt allow it (its also not the fastest))

I think if done propperly (and safely for the cloud and username) these additions will allow for many new ideas.

Warp is actually a lot more similar to run without screen refresh then you may think. If you know how to use warp correctly, you can have multiple warped scripts running at the same time. Basically you just put the warp block inside a loop instead of the loop inside the warp block.

it isnt nearly as fast as run without screen refresh

We actually have the username block:
untitled script pic

Found in Getters and setters library, though to use it you need to enable JS first.

Appropriately, since collecting usernames is a potential privacy violation.

We do have turbo mode. Isn't that what you want?

PS This doesn't belong in "Forum Feature Requests." I'll move it.

He means a Scratch mod, Turbowarp, which uses JIT JavaScript compilation to speed up projects.

Ah. We've taken some small steps in that direction: the Compile option in the context menus of the list HOFs.

But the other bullet point about "without screen refresh" is turbo mode, no?

It's a new-ish Scratch feature that makes their custom blocks atomic. Basically, it's the Atomic checkmark from BYOB.

one without js

then you give a warning. it kinda ruins a project when you have to go inside just to run it

no not turbo mode. something faster. the overall running of a project should be fast without any ajustments

virus scanning isnt a new thing. (I wouldnt say easily but...) you can definitely scan the js for potentially dangerous lines of code. it would improve the user experience and is still safer because most people dont even look at the js before allowing

What he's worried about are trojans, not viruses.

those can be set up regardless of javascript directly in the project

However, JavaScript would make it worse.

i dont think so. if someone was dedicated enough they would do it no matter what

Netsblox and Scratch have username blocks. Maybe it is not that big a vulnerability...

they also dont have js. scratch also warns you. lastly you can scan any cloud or js content for potential threats

Netsblox does have javascript, since it's a mod of snap.