Request payload already in a MQTT topic

Is there a way for me to load the payload of an MQTT topic

in theory this should be it (i think)

cloud system 2 script pic

I've just woken up so may have made a mistake but this is what I think your script does

AFAICT, it ends up just sending cloud variable out to the broker and then receiving it back again which probably isn't what you want it to do

Works for me with the proper variables.
It routes payload from RequestCloudSystem2 => cloudSystem2.

ngl. im pretty happy with the results. so far this is the closest i can get to a scratch like cloud variable. there is still no way to save the cloud variable if no one else is online

oh. can you show me how to do that. but also in the case of the cloud server im trying to make its pointless. i just cant get mqtt to work the way i want

can you please help with this.

i need a better clone system to display the other users properly and i also need to fix the issue where each project rewrites the others value causing it to bugg