Request of Game Art Catergory

We really need a catergory to share game art...
Speaking of it, how's this Minecraft fox humanoid I drew

It's only been 30 minutes
Also what do you mean share? Like help people out with their games by making them art? Or just share art you made?

Like just post game art and have it displayed somewhere on forums

That has nothing to do with computer science.

Sure it does it is a great component to successful games

Yes but it doesn't really belong here.
You can go to Reddit to post that kind of thing.

So you expect every snap user to get their game art from Reddit

No, that's not what I was saying.
I think @coder2195snap means just a place to post fanart they made of a game.

Hm but snap doesn’t have an wide variety of backgrounds/costumes
So we need a place for it

Yes exactly

ok, i thought you meant fanart or something.
i agree with this suggestion.

Me too +1 vote

Whatcha think @funtime_foxy101 about this idea

it'd be good to request art for games & animations and stuff.....but I would just make that request in the exact topic of the game that i need the art for.

How about a database of external costumes


I think I can code it with node js

Let’s discuss this at 8 I need to go

yeah but we should be talking about snap category, not js.

and just because of that i should mute this topic to keep myself out of this.....

Back to original idea then I’m not sure @bh will approve it though