It would be a topic in the #events category run by Snap! admins. People could request an events(Not as big as Snap!Con but small 3 to 30 people events(e.g. competitions, classes, etc.))This must be approved my a Snap! admin. (these will not be run by admins but by the creator.) You can accept/deny users joining the event, have private threads available to a group of people in the event. and share a project with only a group of people in the event.

Has there been a problem with people crashing collaboration threads? All else being equal, we're big on sharing and openness.


You already have the ability to create a thread for a group, such as a collaboration. So it seems like what you're asking for is really just the part about making the thread private, so other people can't read it. We don't really want to have private things in our community unless there's a really good reason why it's necessary.


A one-word answer doesn't help me. What about contests makes it a requirement to have private threads?

X is one team 1, Y is on team 2, you don't want X seeing team 2's topic or Y seeing team 1's topic.

Oh. Has this been a problem? Teams spying on each other?

So, you don't just want a private thread per event, but a private thread per team. This is a lot of work for us to undertake, in support of something we don't really believe in (competition) in the first place.

Ok, just close this topic then.