Reporters can be the definition of pain

@bh can you PLEASE make this easier?
Edit: I have tried webp video and gifs, but they wont show.
The index of reporter wont go into the first option in the + reporter.

First, bh is not the one you should ask, and second, yeah, I hate it too.

untitled script pic
I don't understand what you're complaining about.

I think he's talking about how sometimes it's hard to drop a wide reporter into the slot you want, because it keeps thinking you want to drop it into other slots.


Get in the habit of picking up blocks near their left edge, rather than near the center.

It also happens when you grab blocks on the left side, so that doesn't help much.

Edit: actually, the best example would be to try to stick reporters in a long list block.
Here's a video Reporter bug - YouTube

The automagical methods that all the block coding languages has been refined over many years.

Once you work with one of them a lot, you get used to the way that they handle this

I find Scratch 3, in particular, to be quite different to use than Snap! (and original Scratch 1.4) and struggle with it when I use it

ok thanks

yeah thats it

dude just delete it stop editing it

Oh yeah... you also have to approach the slot from above, not from below.

I only deleted it once and never edited it...

I didn't get any different results when approaching it from above.

Hmm. For me, coming down from above favors the leftmost empty slot, whereas coming up from below favors the rightmost one.

But, I agree that it's not easy. I'm not sure how to fix it, though.

One thing we do that I wouldn't want to lose is to prefer empty slots over filled slots.

I'd much rather have some sort of more visible toggle for that (not under shift+click menu), because in some cases, it might be better without it.

I'd prefer not to make users think at all about the UI at that level of detail! We should figure out what the right thing is, and do it. I think that "prefer empty slots" is the right thing; I remember not having that and hating to see blocks bumped out of their position.

oh ok


Here is a tip: when dragging a block, position your cursor over the slot you want the block to fill. Then let go! It's that easy!

Sometimes it's a matter of a few pixels - the drop target indicator does a crazy dance and switches the input slot with the slightest movement.