Reporter reports wrong

I have a reporter that reports wrong
untitled script pic

The issue fixes when the tab is reloaded, but the project is very large and takes
A long time to load, so it’s really annoying to refresh all the time

That looks like a bug in your code, not a bug in Snap!. If you want help debugging it, post a link to your project.

When I refresh the page it reports properly.

Oh, btw the level settings block just reports it’s inputs
In a list. You can ignore it

So you're complaining about line 17? Please post a link to the project; I can't reproduce the problem with a small example.

the project
To reproduce:
Go into the custom catagory.
Duplicate the lv 1 block
Edit the inputs a bunch
Save the block
Click to check what it reports
It should report wrong. If you check the block definition you
Can see it’s reporting wrong

Ugh. What I want is a project I can load with a block that reports correctly the first time but not the second time. I don't want to have to generate it myself, especially not with directions like "a bunch."

If this is a Snap! problem at all, it'll be because you're pushing the limits of memory and tickling a browser bug. Oh, which reminds me, what OS/version and what browser/version?

Safari on Mac. I don’t know about the version, because
I’m on my phone right now, but it is an old version

Sorry. The bug fixes when you save and reload the project.
Exceeding memory liners sounds like that might be why.

not a bug, not fixable for free

Oh, how?

Snap, developers would have to pay for more storage-

Oh, ok. I think it’s just something like the RAM storage allowed to the snap! editor

No, we're talking about memory in the browser, not in the cloud.

Could you try another browser? I've heard of problems in Safari before, although I don't recall the details.

Yes. I don’t think I can today, but tomorrow I will try on chrome.
(I have had problems with safari before. Mostly, the sounds don’t always work on safari)

offtopic, The Snap! Security Cert is expired.

ok. I tried in Google Chrome, and the glitch did not happen. looks like its a safari issue.

in Safari:

in Chrome:

when I opened the project in Chrome, some of the primitive blocks became undefined.
caching issue?

The issue is, chrome is not on the current version of snap. To fix it, clear your cache (shift+click reload to hard refresh)

yeah. I thought so. I don't use Chrome for snap! normally but I will see about trying that