Report url glitch

If I click on the url reporter and put it in a report block before it can run, the url gets cancelled and the report block becomes long.

Sometimes little glitches like this happen :frowning:

Try saving your project - closing Snap! down - re-open and reload

Is it OK now?

No I can remove the url reporter and its back to normal, no biggie. The topic is so they can fix the glitch.

Little glitches like this, that can't be reproduced on demand by developers, are very hard to diagnose and fix

Yeah, if you place a block that is erroring inside of a reporter it makes the block long because the red glow arround the block is part of the block graphic itself.

You can easily see this by taking a script pic
untitled script pic 103

See how it has the red glow?
I assume this happens because the block is placing the red glow part as if it is part of the block itself behind the full block, so snap thinks the block itself is really that big and stretches the blocks arround it
untitled script pic 104

you just explained this.fullBounds() in seconds.

I don’t know that js function sorry,

you don't need to. all @wdstudios_llc121 is saying is that you described how an internal function of snap works and what might just be the bug here.

So Snap*!* can't do anything about it?