Report # of times a character repeats in a word

how to get number of times character repeat in a list.

You can use the keep items from block to get all the instances of something in a list. You can then get the length of that list to find out how many instances it appeared in the list.

And, you can get a list of words from text with
split [hello world] by (letter v)::operators reporter
//as in
[length v] of (keep items {<[ ] = [l]>@addInput::grey ring} from (split [hello] by (letter v)::operators)::list)::list
//It returns: 2
//In a custom block:
(number of times (letter) appears in (word)::operators)::control hat
report ([length v] of (keep items {<[ ] = (letter)>@addInput::grey ring} from (split (word) by (letter v)::operators)::list)::list)::control cap

Gang, the original question was about characters in a word. If you use untitled script pic (2) instead of split by word, then you can use list processing techniques on it.

thank you for that!
Any other solutiions from anyone?