Report a called block with inputs

This is kind of had to explain but I need a way to call a called with inputs block
I think it’s best explained like this

I want to report a block with called inputs (simulated resalt)

You would have to use metaprogramming.

I would have done that but I thought the join block turned rings into their xml text

They used to convert it to a text representation of the javascript pointer (I think, I just know it wasn't xml), but they were changed in snap 8 to be able to create scripts with code.

This is what they used to report when putting blocks in a slot.

Yea I remember that

Now another Question, how would this work with pipe?

What do you mean?

Like instead of calling the input just once like that putting it into all the open slots? I think I have an idea

You mean something like this?

I think that's what he meant

Didn't I just read another thread with this example?

yup, they posted this on a different thread

Yea but as a custom block

Why is the blocks in the example so specific

Idk if I’m gonna be honest

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