REPLIT.COM - i need help

Hi, can someone share with me replit source code and a snap! program who interact with it, so i can understand how it work...

i saw @joecooldoo tutorial and i found it interesting.

i need to access a database stored over internet and this database must be shareable with other users

thank you

Replit has its own built in database... And you can just use my cloud vars...

can you share the code with me ? (replit)

You can invite me to the repl and I can help you

ok i will add you

it's done

I'm in the repl

I finished it

i will try to communicate with the server and i will tell you some news, thanks a lot

erase this message plz...

Why though?

just erase it


if joecooldoo want to share it with the world, he (?) will share it itself...

Also, when you make a REPL, it's mandatory to be made public unless you pay. It's not his choice. If he didn't want the code to be visible, he shouldn't have used REPL.

Pls unshare, unless you want more spam to come to my server



def keep_up():
    while True:
            print('Failed To Ping Server!')

the server is up, but the function "get("")" doesen't seem to work because:

Yeah. It's not up. I told @joecooldoo the same thing. That won't work. Use Uptimerobot.