"REPLACE ITEM # WITH (...)" custom block (reporter)

Because the (correct use of the) MAP block, as I learned from Brian and Joan at this post, requires the three "item <> of <>" blocks inside, it would be more elegant to have only one "REPLACE ITEM # WITH (...)" block inside.


The needed block is currently only available as a Command type, but here a Reporter type is needed. So my feature request is to have a Reporter type of the block as a new primitive.

Wow, what a simple (in retrospective, of course, as it never occurred to me to simply do this) and powerful idea!

Thank you, Brian!

But you should use a copy of the list, otherwise it will also modify the original list.
For example:
untitled script pic (5)

Thanks, donotforgetmycode, it seems the idea was all too powerful if one wants to avoid modifying the original list, at least.