Reordering Categories

I want to move a custom category.

I don’t understand it but ok.

Probably do-able with the use of JS or Dev Mode.

If I were green, I would die.

I think I saw something about categories, but I can find it.

You might have to make it yourself.

I would do that, but I don't know how.

like this?

No, I mean to change the order of the categories.

@18001767679 @helicoptur

Snap! presents user categories in alphabetical order ....

...but note that capital letters come before lowercase like this


so the order can't be changed without changing the names of the categories and there aren't any simple methods of doing that

Unless you don't mind doing a lot of manual work creating new categories, editing blocks so that they are in new category and then deleting the old ones

you can order them with 0 width spaces.

basically you'll have them named like

_first category
__second category
___third category
...and so on

obviously replace _ with the actual character. just google 0 width space copy paste or something like that and you can get it



If you're on Chromebook you can also press ctrlshiftu, type 200c, and press space.
This also works for any other unicode character.

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