Renaming projects

I don't think you can rename projects on the current Snap website. It's not the most important feature, but it would be nice to have. Are Snap projects identified by their name and creator? That seems kind of inefficient to me.

I agree. We'll get around to it. (Right now we are in a feature freeze.) Meanwhile in Snap! itself you can use "Save as..." to rename a project, or if for some reason you don't want to save it, you can use the "Provide getters and setters..." library to rename a project programmatically.

And no, in the cloud server there's a serial number for each project.

That's great to hear! I had assumed that the URL format was the identifier used elsewhere on the site.

Importing that library makes the editor page irresponsive.

testing 1 2 3 script pic works for me. What did you do after loading the library?

Tried to use the library(this is on-topic, right?). I will try again, this time on Chrome(last time I used Edge).

It worked fine on Chrome. Thank you.

Oh that's interesting! I wonder what the difference is. Can you load other libraries in Edge?

I have never tried. But I will try as soon as possible.