Rename the report-block

untitled script pic should be Unbenannt script pic

What does "should" mean in this context? That's what some other language calls it?

Yes. I think I'm not the only one who gets confused in other languages because I mostly use report instead of return.

Oh! I see. So then they should change. :~)

Okay, seriously, we have a sort of mixed heritage. From Logo, by way of Scratch, we have names and looks and behaviors aimed at making programming accessible to young kids (8 years old, more or less) by associating programming ideas with other things they already know. The name "reporter" for oval-shaped blocks is one of those. From Scheme, and from Smalltalk, we get super deep computer science ideas that we want to make accessible to teenagers. Lambda is one of those.

One problem in having a discussion such as this one is that we don't have many beginners on the forum, or even teachers of beginners. So, just going by the forum, we'd resolve everything in favor of the experts.

One thing we could do is just wash our hands of our Logo heritage, and be a language only for teenagers. Angles counterclockwise from East, measured in radians. "Return" as you say. Get rid of empty input slots as implicit formal parameters, which makes getting started with higher order functions easier for beginners, but can get in the way of other uses of empty slots. (So, require explicit formal parameters in rings instead.) I could keep going, but maybe that's enough to convey the idea.

I don't think we should do that. So maybe I'm bending over backward about little things like the name REPORT. It's not that "return" is a horrible name; it just doesn't build on the model of little people inside the computer, each one carrying out a procedure call, and person A can be waiting for person B to report a value, sort of as if the call happened asynchronously and the caller starts up again when the called thread finishes. "Return" fits much better with the idea of one little person in the computer, who does everything, working hard to remember what comes next.

What you really want is for us to invent macros, so you'll be able to create your own RETURN block that does the same as REPORT. :~) Coming, but not soon.

Okay, didn't thought about that one. :thinking: We can not change that all.

Absolutely :joy:

Nice to hear!

Kind of a side note, but I often type report into the reportJSfunction block. A bit of a hack, but could there be an checkbox for that? Or I could just import a language file that says return.

Knock yourself out.

We're trying to limit the number of options. Once we start down that road there's no end to things some users would like but others not.