Remotely execute JS(if it is permitted to do)
I wanted it to remotely do snap blocks though,but I couldn't figure out how

Unfortunately, it is not possible to remotely do Snap blocks with the Snap! website. However, you can use the Snap! server to run Snap! programs on a remote computer. To do this, you need to install the Snap! server on the remote machine and then use an SSH client to connect to the server.


What I'm talking about is to remotely send blocks.
If you can do that you can remotely execute blocks.

(@sarpnt no complaining security issue)

Do you think of the NetsBlox coediting?
Or combining the codification / reverse-codification with the MQTT/network data sharing?


First You need to choose/create codification/reverse project.
Old days, before the metaprogramming era, we used built-in native XML serialization...
Search the forum for "reverse codification" .

Right now, I've seen 2-3 plain :snap: projects to do so.

Oh right.
I assumed that it is impossible because I searched for it a few days ago.
Unfortunately,I was searching for stuff that is human-writeable.But I remembered it as just plain impossible...
@18001767679 made a module system using that before,but the JXON he used was no longer useable.

(why ping me)
JXON is useable,its just not supported!
oops just checked it is deleted