Remix of Jens' Mandelbrot project

Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks
It asks for a resolution, so give it a number, preferably 0.25-2. Anything higher than that is likely going to take a long time. Anything lower will be quick, but not very good, as it's pixelated.

Don't worry. This only took a few hours.

What res did you use?

10 lol

Uhh... 2 is enough for pixel-by-pixel in presentation mode. (ignoring things like browser zoom, screen resolution, etc.)

I know. I ignored you, started the project, turned on my screensaver and waited.

That's a nice screensaver.

I'm going to time how long it takes for a res of 2 to make it for me.

Edit: 528.365 secs, or 8 min 48 sec 365 msec. (days in year, but msecs?)

I made a remix of it, (remix of remix of Jens' Mandelbrot project) where a resolution of 1 gives this: